Tuesday, 1 October 2013

We've Moved...

Friday, 26 July 2013

Time for a Bit of a Minty Makeover

Change is good, I like change - don't you?

Things are going a bit stale round these parts. That last article has got a serious pong about it - there's been nothing going on around here for weeks - what's that all about, eh?

Well, lean in close - I'm going to tell you a secret.

I'm relaunching your beloved MintyBitStronger as a monthly magazine with top interviews from leaders in Fashion, Arts, Photograhy as well as Restaurant reviews, Theatre reviews and goddamn Gig reviews...

Yes, I am spoiling you but that is just the start, prepare to be ruined - it goes on and on and on. When you click open the new MBS in September you will have 30+ wonderful articles that have been crafted by 13 talented writers for your delectation. News, Weird, Columns, Fashion, Coffee Shops, Theatre, Music, Album reviews... Surely there isn't more? - oh but there is. A monthly playlist, just released movie trailers, competitions....

Deep breaths.

We'll stop there before your head explodes - mine did days ago.

I cannot wait to unveil the finished website to you all and I can't wait to show you what talented writers I've rounded up. Issue One will be hitting a black mirrored screen near you soon.


Friday, 31 May 2013

Central St Martins Graduate Fashion Show: Goldfish does his little turn on the catwalk

Since Alexander McQueen committed suicide in 2010, Britain's beautifully upholstered fashion throne has remained empty. Wave after wave of up-and-coming designers have dreamt of planting their pristine derrières on the red velvet cushion and claim the fashion crown.

Previous pretenders to the thrown include Matthew Williams, Julian McDonald and Stella MaCartney. Each with their own tragic tale of disappointment and failure.

Matthew Williams will never take the crown after an ill fated collaboration with H&M that was instantly forgettable. Well do you remember it? Even he can't recall it.

Julian is buried under lip gloss and botox judging Grimsby's next top model demonstrating that when you can no longer design, it's best to retire to a TV panel and talk shit.

Stella, daughter of the leather faced Beatle, designed the unforgivable England Olympic kit that looked normal on Will.i.am but made everyone else look like a crack head space cadet.

So, with these three out of the running who will be our fashion figure head?

Student designer and part time model Cassandra Verity Green made a quite a media splash this week at Central St Martini's graduate fashion show. The Daily Mail, Evening Standard and RSPCA we're suitably outraged at the inclusion of Goldfish as accessories. Course director Willie Walters was forced to defend the use of the fish stating that "[the fish] were brought to the show in their usual bowls, and placed into [the bags] and fed between catwalk runs'.

Not a bad life!

The shock factor of the annual show at Central St Martins is part of the media calendar now and we can assume sartorial provocateur Verity Green might have known this.

A marauding pack of mainstream zombie journalists were teased with an oozing flesh wound and duly went in to devour the carcass. And in doing so, likely launched the career of a designer who, without her little waterborne assistants, might have had to go slum it as a sales assistant in Carnaby Street.

The throne remains empty for now but we may have just witnessed the handiwork of Britain's next Queen of Couture.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

I Hate People: A Long Overdue Minty Rant

Rule one: Don't write angry.
Rule two: Keep it concise

OK - I promise only to break only one rule of good journalism.


Maybe I can bend #2

People should have a label warning other people that they 'may be bad for your health'. If not your health then at least for your throbbing thumb after you ferociously text them some much needed abuse.

'People', of which I understand there are close to 7.1 billion, are annoying self obsessed lumps of aging, sagging skin, filled with bile, blood and life supporting organs. Usually topped with spaghetti-like bushes of varying colour and equipped with a gaping hole at the front from which noises emerge. They are a strange, noisy bunch. Ugly even!

Often making said noises before the organism can engage it's primitive cerebellum, they are prone to causing annoyance and distress. They have evolved additional mediums to annoy including email, text and even social media - a truly inventive and vile specie. 

With so many on the planet, and the number steadily rising, I can't imagine things ever getting any better. 'People' are just intolerable, but in truth, you have to grin and bare it. Drop some Valium with your martini and learn to live with them.

Rant ovah!!!!